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2.4G Wireless Microphone

Model:Monarch No.5 Capacity:15000mAH Input: 5V 2A Output: 5V 1A + 2.1A Size:134x77x22mm N.W.: 360g Color: champagne gold, red

Power Bank-DC3 UPS 2200/4400/6000mAH for WiFi,Router

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Model:Monarch No.8 Capacity:24000mAH Input: 5V 2A Output: 5V 1A + 2.1A Size:190x77x22mm N.W.: 550g Color: champagne gold, red

Time: 2015, June 2~6 Booth No.: D0519a D0521a , TWTC (Taipei World Trad Center) Hall 1,1F

Time: 2020/06/02 ~06/06, Booth No.: J1421 Nangang Computex Hall 1

Time: 2017/05/30~06/03, Booth No.: C0929 & C0931 Taipei Computex Hall 1

Time: 2016/05/31~06/04, Booth No.: B0435 Taipei Computex Hall 1


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Please check the following solutions, if you have any problems on the UPS.
  • Make sure the UPS plug is plugged in the outlet correctly.
  • Make sure the AC power is in the range of the rated.
  • Check the Fuse in the rear panel is molten down.
  • Make sure the load capacity is within the rated range.

When you call for service, please provide those informations:
UPS model / Serial number / Breakdown Date / Details about the Status of the UP




Troubleshooting Chart




UPS will not turn on.
  • UPS power switch not ON.
  • Computer power switch not ON.
  • Turn the relevant switch to ON position.
UPS beeper sounds even when AC power is available.
  • Line cord plug is loose.
  • Front panel circuit breaker is tripped.
  • Wall socket faulty.
  • Check fit of line cord plug.
  • Unplug excessive loads and reset breaker (press button).
  • Check wall socket with a table lamp.
UPS occasionally emits beep, computer equipment operates normally.
  • The UPS is briefly transferring your equipment to its alternate Power source due to utility voltage sages or spikes.
  • This operation is normal. The UPS is protecting your computer equipment from abnormal utility voltages.
UPS beeper sounds frequently but system operates normally.
  • AC power line is heavily loaded
  • Plug into another wall socket that is not affected.




UPS emits loud tone. Power I/O switch is on but computer equipment is not powered.
  • UPS has shut down due to severe overload.
  • Turn off UPS and unplug excessive loads. Laser printers will overload the UPS and should be plugged into a Quality surge suppressor. See the section covering Overloads. Once Overload is removed, reset the circuit breaker (press button).
UPS does not provide expected run time. Low battery warning is sounded prematurely.
  • Excessive loads connected at UPS's output receptacles.
  • Battery is weak due to wear or recent operation during utility power outage.
  • Unplug excessive loads from   UPS. Recheck computer system power requirements as described in installation instructions.
  • The battery should be recharged by leaving the UPS plugged in for 12 hours. If UPS sounds low battery warning prematurely when re-tested, battery should be replaced.
UPS beeps continuously. Lamp within I/O power switch is illuminated. Utility is not failed.
  • Line cord plug is loose.
  • Circuit breaker is tripped.
  • Check fit of line cord plug.
  • Unplug excessive loads and reset circuit breaker (press button).
Low battery warning is shorter than 2 or 5 minutes.
  • Excessive loads connected at UPS's output receptacles.
  • Battery capacity low due to consecutive utility failures.
  • Excessive loading may shorten run time to below 2 or 5 minutes low battery warning interval remove excessive loads.
  • Consecutive utility failures may not allow time for the battery to recharge there by causing shortened run time.



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