E-eye for PT、LG、PM、MT  |Monitor Software for UPS

E-eye for PT、LG、PM、MT

Code E-EYE

CTR 2560

E-eyes UPS Software
for PT/PM/PS/LO/MT Series
UPS monitoring utility
Scheduled system shutdown
Graphic display of UPS status
Warning notification via e-mail and pager
Customized controls
User-definable warnings
Multi-language versions
Easy-to-use user interface
E-Eyes is a unique uninterruptible power supply (UPS) software that offers you unprecedented convenience for the control of any UPS.
Benefits Early Warning System.
E-Eyes can send warning messages via e-mail or over the LAN. Thus providing an early warning system for power failures, system shutdown and a variety of other scenarios. It guarantees a faster response time, even when you are not in the office.
Saves files before shutdown occurs.
No more lost work due to unexpected system shutdown. When power failure occurs, E-Eyes saves all open files before gracefully shutting down the system.
Cost Savings.
E-Eyes' shutdown and startup scheduling function reduces the amount of power wasted, and therefore results in savings on electricity bills. In addition, E-Eyes also allows for remote control over a TCP/IP network without the need for an expensive SNMP card.
Easy System Monitoring and Tracking.
Users are able to customize various E-Eyes controls such as warning method and alarm messages.
Software Name - E-eyes Ver2.0
Support Operation System - Windows98, Windows2000, Windows ME
( Windows XP)
Support Language - English, Chinese, Japanese
Features Save data before shutdown. UPS monitoring utility.
Both of alarms notifications are sound and message. UScheduled system shutdown.
AVR-Fspec Graphic display of UPS status.
Warning notification via E-mail.
Customized controls.
Multi-language versions.
Easy -to use user interface.
Save files before shutdown occurs. AVR-Fspec
Function List 1. Power Schemes: 1. Configuration:
Home or Office power scheme Basic settings , Message settings, E-Mail settings
2. Alarms: 2. Schedule Settings:
Sound and message of notification Weekly Settings, Special Settings.
3. Power Meter: 3. Analysis:
No Chang. View Log, View Data, Shutdown Status.
4. Advanced: 4. Control:
Enable always show icon in the taskbar.

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E-eye for PT、LG、PM、MT