Specification of Wall mount Home UPS  |Pure Sinewave UPS|HU Series (Sine wave)

Specification of Wall mount Home UPS

6 / 8 / 10 KVA

Code HU_KVA2

CTR 1843



Un-limited load applicability.          

Un-limited batteries backup time.           

Parameter Pre-settable.        

DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function.             

Optional Multiple interfaces cards available.           

Compatible with both linear & non-linear load.        

Support solar panel.              

24 hours operation on the inverter.         

High efficiency design to save electricity.               

Controllable & Removable panel with LCD.           

Low DC Voltage supports Office and Home appliances.         

Low heat dissipation in long time operation.            

Multi-stage charger supports batteries up to 600AH.               

Designed to operate under harsh environment.        









VA / Watt

6.0KVA / 3900W

8.0KVA / 6.4KW

10.0KVA / 8.0KW



 Nominal Voltage

 230Vac / 120Vac



 Voltage Range

 Acceptable Voltage Range

 120Vac-270Vac / 60Vac-135Vac






 Line Low Transfer

 120Vac ± 2% ; 60Vac ± 2%

 120Vac ± 2%


 Line Low Return

 130Vac ± 2% ; 65Vac ± 2%

 130Vac ± 2%


 Line High Transfer

 270Vac ± 2% ; 135Vac ± 2%

 270Vac ± 2%


 Line High Return

 260Vac ± 2% ; 130Vac ± 2%

 260Vac ± 2%




 230Vac (220V or 240Vac re-settable via LCD panel);
120Vac (110V or 115Vac re-settable via LCD panel)


 Voltage Regulation

 Line Mode

 Follow Ac Line Voltage


 Battery Mode

 < 3% RMS for entire battery voltage range


 Frequency Regulation

 Line Mode

 Follow Ac Line Hz


 Battery Mode

 50Hz or 60Hz  ±0.1Hz



 Pure Sinewave


Power Factor





 > 80%


Overload Protection

 Line Mode

 Circuit Breaker


 Battery Mode

 110% ~ 150% for 30 sec. , >150% for 200ms


Transfer Time


 < 8 ms.



 Battery Voltage




 Backup Time(at Full Load)

Long Time Available


 Max. Charging Current
(5 Steps Selectable)

> 60.0A


Display  for LCD(Option)


UPS status, I/P&O/P Voltage Frequency, Load%,
Battery Voltage & %, Temperature, Model



Normal (Green), Warning (Yellow), Fault (Red)


Remote Panel(Option)




 Audible Alarm

Battery  Mode

      Beeping every 4 seconds


Low Battery

Beeping every second


UPS Fault

Beeping Continuously



      Beeping twice per second



 Operation Temperature

0-40 degree C; 32-104 degree F


 Relative Humidity

0-95% non-dondensing


 Audible Noise

Less than 45dBA (at 1M)



 Net Weigh (Kgs)






355 x 600 x 260

355 x 600 x 260

355 x 600 x 260


 * Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.




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Specification of Wall mount Home UPS

6 / 8 / 10 KVA